Opening a checking account at Communities of Abilene Federal Credit Union is easy, simply call, email or stop by one of our branches to open the checking account that best fits your needs.

Our FREE Mastercard® Debit Card lets you make purchases anywhere Mastercard® is accepted. Store and online purchases are deducted directly from your checking account.

  • No Annual Fee. No Monthly Maintenance Fee.
  • No interest charges.
  • Use it like an ATM card and get cash worldwide at over 25,000 CO-OP ATMs
  • Shop online with the security of Mastercard Securecodes

COAFCU Debit Card Request

Replace your cash and checks with Communities Debit Card! Use it to pay for purchases anywhere Mastercard® is accepted.

  • When you use your debit card to pay for purchases, the amount of each purchase is deducted directly from your checking account, so there are no interest charges when you use it. In addition, you can use your card at any Cirrus ATM to withdraw cash.
  • Why is a debit card better than checks? Your debit card is fast and easy to use because it lets you access your checking account without taking the time to write a check. It also eliminates the need to carry a checkbook or worry about running out of checks.
  • Why is a debit card better than cash? Using your debit card can be easier and safer than carrying cash. It also makes keeping track of your money a snap, because every purchase you make is listed on your monthly checking account statement.
  • To apply for a new Debit Card, please visit your local branch or call us at 325-691-2300.

How to Request your Debit Card

  • Log into your online banking account and go to your Account Services page. From here, you can fill out the appropriate forms and get them submitted and your card will be issued to you.

How to Report a lost or stolen Debit Card

  • Contact Communities of Abilene immediately at 800-472-3272.

Debit Card transaction monitoring

  • We provide additional security monitoring for “out of the ordinary” transactions for all Communities debit cards. If you will be using your debit card while traveling or are planning any “out of the ordinary” purchases, please call the Communities of Abilene Call Center at 325-691-2300, weekdays between 8:30 am and 5:30 pm and we will make the appropriate updates to your card. Always carry a back-up payment source in case your card is compromised due to fraudulent activity. Monitor your accounts online using online banking or review your monthly statement on a regular and timely basis. Notify us immediately if you discover any suspicious or unauthorized activity. If fraud is suspected, you will be contacted by our Fraud Prevention Services.


  • One added layer of security you can use is our Card Valet app. Download now and you can enhance the safety and security of your Communities Debit Card; this app will put you in control of your own debit cards.

Email any questions to Communities contact.