Credit Union Fees are as of January 1st, 2024

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Membership Fees Fee
Non-Refundable Membership $5.00
Reopen Share Within Six Months of Closure $10.00
Account Closed Within 90 Days of Opening $15.00
Account Closed 90 days after Indirect Loan pays off & membership has no other services balance in account $30.00 or less

Miscellaneous Fee
Debit Card Replacement Fee Before Expiration $10.00/Non-Fraud
Credit Card Replacement Before Expiration $15.00/Non-Fraud
MasterCard® Gift Cards $5.00 Each
Overnight Shipping Fee $75.00
FAX $2.00 First Pg / $1.00 Thereafter Per Pg
Account Verification (Form or Letter) $3.00 Each
Garnishment/Levy Admin Fee $25.00 Per Occurrence
Coin Machine Use – (Member) Daily amounts over $2000


Title change per member request $75.00
Membership closure by Credit Union $25.00

Loan Payments By Phone Fee
Check By Phone $10.00 Each

Foreign ATM Usage (Non-COAFCU ATM or Not part of the Co-Op Network) Fee
Each Withdrawal $1.50 Each
Transfers $1.00 Each
Balance Inquiry by Member at Foreign ATM $0.50 Each

Bank Checks/Teller Checks Fee
Payable to Third Party $5.00 Each
Cashier Checks $5.00 Each

Bank Wire and Money Orders Fee
Wire Received $3.00
Domestic Wire Sent $20.00
Money Orders $1.00 Each

Checks Fee
Share Drafts (Per Box) Price Varies on Style Ordered
Temporary Checks $3.00 Per Page
Non-Member On-Us Check Cashing 3%

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Account Research and Reconciliation Fee
Minimum 1 Hour + Copy Fees as Listed Below $25.00 Per Hour

Copies Fee
Photocopies $0.50 Each
Draft/Check Copies $2.00 Each
Teller/Cashier Check $5.00 Each
Statement Copies $3.00 Per Month

Stop Payment Fee
Check/ACH/Bank Check/Money Order $30.00 Each

Returned Statement (Bad Address) $5.00 Per Month

Inactive Deposit Account (No Activity in 12 Months) $5.00 Per Month

Dormant (Escheat) Processing Fee $25.00 Per Month

Excessive Withdrawals Per Month/Year by Member Fee
Share or SAFE (Over 6 Per Month) $1.00 Each
Money Market (Over 3 Per Month) $5.00 Each
IRA (Over 3 Per Month) $10.00 Each
IRA (Over 1 Payable to 3rd Party) $10.00 Each

Non-Sufficient Funds Charges (Applies to ALL Deposit & Loan Accounts) Fee
Transfer To Cover Transaction $1.00 Each
Insufficient Checks, Automatic Transaction, Share Draft Order, Returned Check Deposited To Member’s Account $30.00 Each
Returned/Automatic Payment, Loan Payment, Uncollected Funds $30.00 Each

Safe Deposit Box Fee
3 x 5 $20.00
3 x 10 $30.00
5 x 10 $45.00
10 x 10 $75.00
Replace Single Lost Key $10.00
Drilling Fees If Keys Are Lost Based on Current Vender Prices $300.00
*All Rent Prorated On Date Rented. Annual Rent Due Jan. 1 of Each Year. *Rent Automatically Debited From Share or Draft Account