Why is it good to consider a 529 Plan?

  • Educational Savings – The 529 plan is a tax-advantaged savings account to be used for a beneficiary’s education expenses.
  • Flexibility – The money in your 529 account can be used for a wide range of educational expenses to include college expenses, K–12 tuition, certain apprenticeship costs, and even student loan repayments.
  • Control – Unlike other accounts, with a 529 plan the account owner maintains ownership of the account until the money is withdrawn.

Do you have a college-aged Child or Grandchild?  Check out the 529 College Savings Plan.

529 College Savings Plan is a tax-advantaged way of saving for a higher education. Anyone (a parent, spouse, grandparent, other family member, friend, or you) can contribute to the Plan. Why is this important, well firstly, the student uses the 529 account for qualified education expenses, such as tuition and room and board.  Secondly, the contributor (or account owner) has complete control over the account and can contribute no matter his/her income level. Thirdly, the contributor can select from a variety of investment options with varying rates of return.  Click here for more information on this program.

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