Communities of Abilene Federal Credit Union offers a variety of services to handle your money safely and securely through Auto Pay, Direct Deposit and other services.

Call, email or stop by one of our branches and set up any of these services quickly and easily.

Auto Pay service saves you time and money by enabling you to pay your loan payment automatically from your CoAFCU checking or savings account.

Plus we offer a .25% APR discount with Auto Pay service on many of our loan products.

Direct Deposit enables you to have your pay, social security, investment, insurance or retirement checks deposited directly to your CoAFCU Checking or Savings account. Members with direct deposit enjoy safer, quicker access to their funds.

If your employer and other organization allow this service, you will need to provide your bank name “Communities of Abilene Federal Credit Union” and ABA/Routing Transit Number: 311380859.

Payroll Deduction enables you to have money automatically deducted from your pay for credit union deposits and loan payments. You can have part or all of your pay sent to your various credit union accounts.

Make regular payments, such as auto, mortgage, or credit card easily from your CoAFCU checking account by setting up an Automatic Draft with a merchant or service vendor. To permit a merchant or service vendor to draft your checking account, give them your account number located at the bottom center of your CoAFCU check, as well as the CoAFCU ABA/Routing Transit Number: 311380859.

Wire Transfers allow members to use CoAFCU’s incoming and outgoing wire transfer services to transfer funds to any financial institution in the U.S. or Canada. A fee is charged for all wire transfers, check the Schedule of Fees for applicable charges.

Cross Account Transfers allow members to transfer funds to other CoAFCU member accounts on which they are not a legal owner. This is a great feature for parents who are helping students manage first-time accounts.

Or, call, email or stop by one of our branches and request a wire/cross account transfer.